Bridal Makeup Tips to Avoid Disasters on Your Wedding

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One of the worst experiences a bride could have is having the memories of a disastrous wedding etched onto an album. Imagine the makeup wearing off, or worse – running down your face – while you try to fight the heat off with sheer will. Not an easy job to do if you have used the wrong products and the wrong method of applying your bridal makeup or styling your hair.
Since professionals in makeup and hairstyling have enough experience to figure out what a bride needs, be it their complexion, the weather, or the best product for particular skin types, relying on their expertise rather than using your own less informed grey cells to get the right bridal look is undoubtedly a wise move.
1.      Experimenting with shades: While a party or any other occasion, for that matter, might be a good time to experiment with your looks and your makeup palette, your wedding is definitely not one of the occasions. Going for shades that suit your skin tone and your bridal attire is the key to looking spectacular on your big day. Hiring a professional makeup artist would certainly be a good decision on your part to make things go smoother.
2.      Using bright palettes: Although plum or something equally dark and bright might be your colour, it is best to avoid applying it on your wedding. Instead, go for subtle and lighter shades that do not smudge and stay for long hours to get you through the gruelling reception and photo sessions.
3.      Underestimating the climate: One mistake that most brides tend to make is underestimating the climate. Even if you decide to take your vows on a chilly winter’s night, your layers of clothing and the spotlights focused on you would ensure that you sweat profusely as the night wears out, thereby spoiling your makeup and hairstyle. Make sure you use waterproof makeup and style your hair using products that could withstand humidity.
For best results, hiring a professional makeup artist and hairstylist would be ideal to avoid getting into messy situations. Makeup artists like Satish Kargutkar not only provide their services to beautify brides on their big day but also offer courses that one could attend to hones their own makeup and hairstyling skills. So, that’s something you could consider!


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