Concerns of Losing Weight Rapidly

Most people who suffer from the trouble of excess weight resort to unhealthy ways of losing weight. In order to lose weight rapidly, many individuals try crash dieting and harmful medications. These medications and unhealthy diets can affect the body in a serious manner. Though there are times when these diets give required results, they in turn also damage the normal functioning of the body which can lead to serious illnesses. Taking away nutrients from the diet will help you shed kilos but will also harm the immune system. When losing weight, it is necessary to balance the loss of nutrients with intake of healthy foods. Curbing high-calorie foods and opting for healthy alternatives can aid in healthy weight loss. Here are some health concerns which are related to rapid weight loss:-

•    Malnourishment
Though crash diets have instant results, it should be noted that this diet cannot be followed permanently and is short-term. Depriving the body of the essential nutrients will not only make the immune system weak but will also make the body malnourished. Malnourishment in the body can result in loss of stamina, breathing difficulties, constant weakness, etc.

•    Joint pains
Extreme dieting can lead to the weakening of the joints and muscle pains. When someone goes for crash dieting, they usually cut down entirely on fats. Though fats are perceived as unhealthy and weight gaining, it is necessary to consume a meager amount of fats for the smooth functioning of the body. The fats provide a padded support to the joints which helps at the time of an injury. When you crash diet, you are bound to experience problems in your joints because of lack of essential fats. This further leads to knee pains and other problems.

•    Quality of hair and skin
When you cut down on a variety of foods, you also decrease the intake of essential nutrients. Skin and hair require an abundance of vitamins and fats to replenish themselves. Crash dieting can lead to early aging of the skin and severe hair loss. Additionally, problems like fine lines, wrinkles, etc can also occur.

•    Psychological hassles
Not eating an adequate amount of required food can also affect a person’s psychological well-being. Depression is a very common illness found in people who crash diet. Moreover, hassles like mood swings, emotional outbreaks, tiredness, etc are also experienced by people trying to lose weight rapidly.

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