Tips to Consider While Selecting a Banquet Hall for an Event

Booking a place for an event can become a complicated task if not planned properly. Selecting an appropriate place for an event requires loads of decision-making skills. While selecting a banquet hall, it is necessary to take into consideration many factors. First and foremost, the nature of the event for which the banquet is being booked needs to be clear. Additionally, there are many aspects to consider before booking a particular hall. Hall bookings can be pricey and hence it is necessary to be very clear about the choice made. Here are some tips to consider while selecting a banquet hall:-

•    Location
One of the main points to consider before selecting a banquet hall is the location. Selecting a hall at a complicated location will not only be cumbersome for you but also for the guests. It is important to check whether proper transport facility is available to reach that location. Though many might travel with the help of their private vehicles, the location should also be comfortable for the people who might travel via public transport. Select a location which will be convenient for a majority of attendees.

•    Capacity of the venue
No one likes to attend an event in a cramped space. When selecting a venue, it is necessary to take into account the average number of guests you are expecting. The capacity of every venue is different and therefore taking into consideration the count is important. You cannot accommodate 500 people in a space for 250!

•    Parking facilities
There is a huge problem of parking space in the cities. An ideal venue must have a dedicated parking space for four-wheelers and two-wheelers.  If the venue you like does not have a parking space then see to it that there is a common parking space available near to the venue. Not having a parking space can be a big trouble for your guests attending the event. Additionally, if the parking space is not accessible easily, then you can also offer your guests valet parking.

•    Other facilities and services
Most venues do not have an issue with power cuts as they have an alternative in place. However, before finalising the venue, it is safe to ask the management about the solution for power cuts. Apart from the stated, the venue should have clean washrooms for the convenience of the guests.
You can get fully-equipped banquet halls in Kandivali West. See to it that you book the banquet hall well in advance to avoid any last-minute troubles.


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